Your Specialized Truckload Carrier Since 1947

BRS Transportation specializes in the transportation of general commodities including temperature controlled and heavy haul freight and provides you with the convenience of truckload services, heated truckload transportation, and fleet maintenance services.

Our close-knit team provides premium-level refrigerated, heavy haul, and other truckload services at competitive rates. Twenty-four hours per day, every day, you can talk to someone at BRS Transportation. We rely on up-to-date technology to keep us in contact with you and to track your shipments. Computerized dispatch, wide area networking (WAN), electronic data interchange (EDI), and the global positioning system (GPS) all work together to help us fulfill all your truckload transportation requirements in Canada and the USA, on time and cost-effectively.

We’ve expanded our North American trucking services. The times have changed and we have changed with them. We now service Atlantic Canada, Western Canada, and go deeper into USA-based markets. It’s all in response to our customers’ needs and requirements.

To better serve our Canadian truckload customers, we have expanded the BRS Transportation terminal network to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Moncton, New Brunswick.

We are ready with dry vans, reefers, and flatbed equipment to move your next truckload shipments to points across Canada, as well as between Canada and the USA.