Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled Reefer

BRS Transportation specializes in regional and cross-border premium-level reefer transportation service. Our service area is primarily between Ontario, Quebec, the Eastern USA, and south to Florida and as far west as Texas, with truckload logistics services to accommodate service beyond our core service area.

With a fleet of 53′ modern tandem reefers, our expertise in temperature controlled transportation with a focus on the food industry, BRS Transportation is positioned as a leader in premium overnight, regional and cross-border temperature controlled service—within 1000 miles of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We are always looking for shipments that complement the areas we cover and aid in the reduction of load imbalances on our cross-border transportation.

Temperature Controlled Heavy Haul Reefer

BRS Transportation also provides premium-level reefer heavy haul transportation within Ontario and Quebec. Our fleet of tridem reefers offer 66,000 pounds of high capacity cargo, perfect for longer-haul, temperature-sensitive freight. Our extensive experience serving the beer industry has made us the carrier of choice for producers of bottled products.

Temperature Controlled Heated Vans

For premium-heated transportation, BRS Transportation also provides 53′ heated vans for truckload service between Ontario, Quebec, the Eastern USA, and south to Florida and as far west as Texas. We are dedicated to keeping your shipments fresh and at the perfect temperature.


  • Expertise in food industry (refrigerated) and bottled products (refrigerated heavy haul)
  • Computerized dispatch, wide area networking (WAN), electronic data interchange (EDI), and the global positioning system (GPS)
  • Overnight service between Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern USA
  • Heavy haul transportation
  • Heated transportation
  • Tandem- and tridem-reefer equipment
  • Your trusted transportation provider since 1947